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WEB WIZ n BIZ offers following package for web development.


Responsive  layout design charge 8000
  • Additional page design charge (per page)
  • Additional editable design charge (per page)


 Dynamic Web Based Application Features 

Feedback : 3000
  1. Create /manage feedback questionnaire for the visitors of the website.

  2. Change/add questions/options/description.

  3. Reports of feedbacks given by visitors.

Gallery : 3500
  1. Create/manage Groups, Albums, and Photos.

  2. Add/change/delete multiple Photos to respective albums.

  3. Set of gallery slide transactions & slider time interval. *

Subscribers : 4000
  1. Visitor can subscribe for the newsletters of the website.

  2. Manage/view details of your subscriptions.

  3. Send pre defined emails to the subscribers.

Refer a friend : 4000
  1. Visitor can give reference of your website to multiple persons.

  2. Manage/view details.

  3. Send pre defined emails.

Sitemap : 2000
Download contents : 4000
  1. Upload/manage broachers, pamphlets, videos, audios, links, images and documents to the visitors of your website.

Blog : 15000
  1. Multi authored blogs.

  2. Author Profiles.

  3. create categories,labels and Description for blog posts.

  4. Filters like archives,categories,labels, posts and authors.

  5. Like,comment moderation.

Templates : 7000
  1. Create / manage multiple email templates

  2. Create categorised Templates

  3. Make your own Header/Footer for templates

  4. Send emails/templates to the receipients.

Inquiry/Registration (Mailing Pages) : 2000
Multi Users : 5000
  1. Provides Facility to create multiple users with different rights.

Daily Tip : 2500
  1. Create Today's Quote, Daily Fortune, etc.

  2. Displayed Randomly.

Announcements /News : 4500
  1. Add/manage Announcements for visitors. .

  2. Switch to bound news with time-stamp.

  3. Display/hide News as per your wish.

Alerts : 4500
  1. Create alerts for your self as well as other users of the system.

  2. Task mapping.

  3. Alert/message to group of users.

  4. Group of alerts/messages.

Trouble shooting(CRM) : 10000
  1. Complaints/support ticket generation.

  2. Manage Support and troubleshooting tickets.

  3. Feedback cycle for completed tickets.

GroupMail: 5000
  1. Email to Group of system users.

Address-Book : 4000
  1. Register misc entries.

  2. Entries are convertible to system users.

  3. Communicate via emails.

Pre-marketing : 10000
  1. Send promotional emails to group of receipients .

  2. Send sms to group of receipients .

  3. Add manually or import from excel file.

  4. Report showing detailed premarketing activities.

FAQ : 5000
  1. Add/manage FAQ.

  2. Display/hide FAQ as per your wish.

  3. System User Submit their Query.

  4. Admin can manage system user's query.

Terms & Conditions :
Government Taxes are not included in above pricing and will be charged extra as applicable.
All the additional web based application charges depends on your actual requirement
Final Pricing with all the Terms & Conditions will be given at the time of Final Quotation.
All the Information (Content, Images & Videos, etc....) will be given by the client

The 8 steps of web design
Step 1: Figure out what the focus of the web design will be. 
Step 2: What specific features do you want in the website. 
Step 3: Create a list of sections for your website and give them a hierarchy of importance. 
Step 4: Write out your content and finalize it. 
Step 5: Find a style / look that meets your website’s and your industry’s requirements. 
Step 6: Build the website. 
Step 7: Evaluate the web design and make the required changes and updates. 
Step 8: Go live – register a domain, find a host, upload create website.

Steps For A Better Website Development Process :
Step 1: Figure out your goals.
Your company should come into the building process with a clear picture of what you’d like to accomplish from a business perspective

Step 2: Choose a price range.
By establishing clear business objectives and a price range, you’re ensuring you will get your money’s worth. The agency will lay out the options that are the best match for your business needs.

Step 3: Let your agency transform your objectives.
In order to speed up the development process, the best thing you can do is allow the team to come up with their own ideas for meeting your business objectives. You of course should be providing feedback in regard to their ideas, but be sure to keep it at “business level” rather than honing in on features. Work with the team at the agency as partners and friends. This will create an ease of interaction throughout the project and ensure better end results.

Step 4: Trust your agency to help derive an end figure.
The best question to ask your potential Web development agency is not how much the website will cost, but how their team will work with you to achieve your business objectives. Trust their expertise and ability to recognize your goals and decide what it takes to reach them — a figure will be born from this.
The websites and the applications are much more optimized when a web development company is assigned to the websites. This can further lead to the increment of business by attracting internet users with the help of some top and expert services are done for the businesses. The web developers design websites by considering the requirements and demands of the clients as well as they keep track of the website all the time. This reduces the chances of trouble for the users because the experience of a user has to be at the top of the priority list while developing or designing a website for a business.

A business can easily give a personal touch to its website or an application through our Customized Web Development in Vadodara. We provide the best services of customizations or web development. Web developers have the potential to transform the way a business deals with all of its customers online. Developers can literally change and modify every single element in a website according to the business demands.